This is

Aura Matcha.

Boutique Matcha. Small-batch. Short-run. Unlike Any Other.

The act of making then drinking matcha is a meditative experience. In the ritual, there’s a deep connection to the divinity of nature. With eyes closed, colors emerge and shapes appear. All senses are illuminated.

This is Awakening… or maybe it’s just great matcha! 🙂

wooden brush for matcha latte on table

We sell great matcha.

We don’t sell bad matcha.
We don’t sell inexpensive matcha.
We don’t sell culinary matcha.
We don’t sell fancy packaging.

We sell great matcha.

If you truly like matcha, you won’t be disappointed.

How it works…

A few times per year, we find the best matcha we can. If you want some, pay $5 to reserve your order. When the matcha arrives, you’ll be notified to complete your purchase (usually under $65). If you do, we’ll ship it right away. If you don’t, you can either get your $5 back, or go on the waitlist for next time.


Always from Japan. And usually, but not always, from Uji in Kyoto Prefecture.
Honestly, it’s just excellent, expensive matcha. Most businesses sell you good or good-enough matcha, and it IS often quite good. But each season, we find the best we can. This isn’t an Instagram gimmick or a discount club. We simply buy as much great matcha as we can from the source, then sell it at a fair price (which is still always cheaper than if you ordered alone).
Usually between $50-$70 USD for 30g, but it depends on how many people sign up and what the market price is. (Insider info: We don’t actually make much money from this, we do it because we love sharing good matcha 😻.)


No way! There’s no subscription. You only pay $5.00 US to save your pre-order & cover shipping. And if you decide not to order the matcha, you can get your $5 back.
Totally fine. And you can get your $5 back anytime.
When you pay $5 to reserve your spot, you are paying for your shipping and helping us know how many people might actually be willing to buy. This helps us negotiate purchasing a larger quantity for a lower price because we have more confidence that people will be interested. And the more we can purchase at once, the lower the price for everyone.
When the matcha comes in, your $5 reservation covers your shipping costs. OR if you don’t want the matcha this round, leave it in your account to be notified the next time we have a matcha to offer. OR if you don’t ever want matcha again, we’ll refund your $5 reservation.


Your $5 reservation covers your shipping, if you’re in the USA. If you’re outside of the USA, contact us.
We are definitely willing. Send us a message. Or go ahead and reserve your spot, and we’ll try to plan in advance to figure out how much the shipping would be to wherever you live. If it’s too much, we’ll send your $5 back.


Oh, goodness. We’re glad you like the matcha, and we appreciate you asking, and we would love for you to tell your friends… But no, we don’t have a referral system, and don’t wish to start one anytime soon. We’re a very small team and only taking on what we can handle right now.
We started just doing this for neighbors and friends, then expanded during the pandemic in 2020. This website is still new, but you can view some of our past Aura Matchas here.